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WST& Green Dot

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I've seen folks report that GD works fine at our "moderate" power factors.  Lyman cast bullet loading data shows it to be very safe to run in  .45 auto loading.  It won't be as clean and accurate as WST when loading .45 auto.  But it will function the 1911 just fine.


BTW - If you are chasing a slightly slower burn rate powder to try to get less felt recoil in the 1911, that is a hard goal to achieve.


Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook data for .45 auto calls for 4.8 grains Green Dot under a 225 grain cast bullet to make 725 FPS.  That would be 163 Power Factor, if your pistol shoots like Lyman's test gun did. 


Or about 5.4 grains to make 750 FPS with a 200 grain cast bullet.


As always, chronograph the loads in your gun to make sure you meet PF.


good luck, GJ

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