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WTB: 7.5x55 Swiss brass

C.N. Double

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CND check Gunbroker.  I note that one seller offers 100 pcs for $60 plus ship.  That is new Privi brass.  It reloads ok.  I had to anneal after numerous reloads but didn't keep a count on number of reloads.  It a case didn't size easily I put in in the 'to be annealed' box. I'd buy again if I needed some brass.  The  cast  bullet shape that is available is not optimal so b150 gr bullets must be seated a bit deeper, puts the GC just below the top of the neck.  Early on I ran a chamber check of each loaded round in my rifle to insure that all dimensions were correct.  After a while I ran each sized case through the rifle. because if there were to be a problem it was with case dimensions, not COL. The K31 is a sweet rifle, quite fast for a southpaw.  14.5 gr Trail Boss made it an easy shooter.  You will be kicking butt in BAMM with the K31!
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Thanks, GS! The last time I looked, it was easy to find PPU brass at the big online retailers, but it's all gone now. 60c/case seems fairly normal though, so I'll probably end up on GB.


I started with 12.0gn of Unique with Norm's 150gn .309 GC bullet -- average group size at 100yds is about 4". I also tried the same load with Norm's 170gn .310 GC bullet, but I haven't put that one on paper yet. Trying to keep it around 1500fps to meet some local range restrictions.


This will probably be a long-term project. I'm pretty fond of my 03a3, and I don't like the K31 sights nearly as much as the 03a3, but I love the straight pull on the K31.

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