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New WB Match at Tombstone Livery -- 2nd Sunday

C.N. Double

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The Old Pueblo Shootists Association is excited to announce a 2nd monthly WBAS match at the Tombstone Livery just north of Tombstone, AZ. This match will occur on the 2nd Sunday each month, starting on October 11th.


This will start as a fun 6-stage match similar to OPSA's 4th Saturday match, but we're looking at throwing in the occasional pop gun, doughboy, battlefield pickup, etc. type stage in the future. Come check it out, and let us know what you'd like to try.


The Tombstone Livery (home to Bordertown) will soon have a CAS/WBAS match every weekend:

1st Sunday - OPSA CAS

2nd Sunday - OPSA WBAS (starting October 11th)

3rd Saturday - Los Vaqueros CAS

4th Saturday - OPSA WBAS


Come join us!

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One final plug for this new match -- it should be a big time! Check out the attached stages.


If you attended WR this year, a few of these stages should look familiar. Serenity crafted some excellent stages this year for WR WBAS, so we thought they deserved another go around.



If you're on the fence, now is the time to hop down to Tombstone for some fun.



See you Sunday!


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