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Winchester Model 12 recoil pad Options


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I would like some options, I have an uncut Model 12cbuttstock and appears that I do need some type of recoil pad.


In the Wild Bunch matches, what kind can I have put on?  Even if it is temporary? 


I will probably go to Brileys Gunsmithing here in Houston, after Winter Range, to get them to install recoil pad for me. 


Is there any options that could get me by til then?


Thanks for any sage advice.



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They do a fairly good job of absorbing recoil.  If it is thick enough to give the Length of Pull you want, good deal. 


If it's loose and wobbly and likely to fall off, slap a big dab of rubber cement in it so it can be easily removed later.


Several pards use a slip on pad full time.


Good luck, GJ

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