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4/20/20-4/21/20 Western Territorial Wild Bunch Championships

Mokaac Kid

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Except maybe the funds.  ;)


Good luck, GJ


My app has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. It's covered in coffee and other beverage stains. I guess I oughta send 'er in.


BTW, for the $210 it costs to shoot CAS ($125), WBAS ($70), and to camp ($15), it's a steal. The Dixie Desperados put on one helluva show last year, and all the warmup/Plainsman/side matches are included with registration.. AND..... AND, they feed you a pretty damn good meal. Consider that -- a week's worth of good shooting and fun and food and camping for ~ $200. Whew.


If you have time to get away from the range, there are many exciting areas to visit. Last year, I managed a quick hike on the plateaus west of Zion after the CAS warm-up match. This really is a great place to visit, and it should be on your top-5 list of WBAS/CAS shoots for the nation.


Last year, Mokaac Kid had some kickass and challenging stages, and he added a BAMM (possibly due to my pestering)! If anyone is still wondering if BAMM is the next fun thing to try -- IT IS. I'll have my 1903a3 there with plenty of ammo for anyone who wants to try it out.


Come on out, Pardners... you won't regret it.

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