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Interesting.  There has been no notice on their Yahoo email group nor website, but then I think they have been more active on Facebook, which I don't do.  They also do not hold regular WB matches, so this is kind of a surprise.  Being as this is my closest club, I think I might make this one!  But I better start reloading NOW on my Lee Turret to have enough ammo by May.  ;D
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Well, My Mom and Dad always said for any questions go to the head honcho!


So, I called up Reckon and he said that SASS just awarded the match to them.


It will be a one day match - six stages - May the 30th of 2020

Lunch will be served sometime.

Application will be forth coming soon.



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I talked to Reckon and the guys at GMR after our monthly match today.  This is preliminary, but they are looking at a simple match, about 4 mags per stage.  Just one day, so no side matches.  Should be an RO class the day before.


Hey Grouchy, are you back to shooting?

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GMR jumped at landing this match. Awarded late Dec. 2019. Then NOTHING. SASS Members have to go out of their way to seek info. Pebbles are handed out.


Really a one day event, no info of any meaning. 97 days to launch an no applications. Lunch will be served sometime; maybe 1 hot dog?


I been to these shoots at other clubs. 3 day events, 10+ stages, BAMM, GAMM, an new POP to boost. 40 shooters +. Great food, great people. great location, great stages.


And we wait for this one day match!!!

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