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Winchester Model 12 Firing Pin Replacement


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After reading up on the history, here on the Wild Bunch forum, it seems that a Model 12 firing pin is one of the weakness's for the Model 12, in this game. 


In the likely event of a firing pin breakage, who or where would one purchase one? 


Is there a Model 12 firing pin made of titanium or some harder yet flexible metal out there?


Or is any replacement good, just get used to changing out a firing pin?  :o


Many thanks to some direction and advice!



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Howdy okiedee, they do break but not really that often. Sometimes the old guns feel catchy but keep on working with a broke pin. When you buy a 12 pull completely apart and check everything. They make a titanium firing pin but I don’t think they last any longer than a factory one. Nuline sells them as well as several other companies. Easy part to get. If your paranoid carry a spare in your shooting bag. Don’t worry and enjoy a great shotgun! Dusty
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Thanks again Dusty!  I spoke with Lefty Wheeler, who will be doing some basic work on a Model 12 that I purchased.  1956 in good, almost great shape.  Going to order at least two steel firing pins and have him pull the original and compare it to the new ones.  Cut the barrel to 22" and install a front site and a few other checks. 


I really appreciate the help that you, Garrison Joe, Boggus Deal, Silver Tip, Two Dot, Blackfoot and others have chimed in to help.


Happy New Year to 2020 and Beyond


Oklahoma Dee

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