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VihtaVuori N320 Powder with 230gr Coated bullet


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I use 4.2 gr. VV N320 with 230 gr. Desperado Bullets, Federal magnum primers and have never had a problem with making power factor.

Don't remember velocities  but make 165-172 PF in my gun.


Marshal Stone

Marshal Stone, are you using a hard crimp on that or just mild?  I use precision bullets with a polylube hybrid coating.  He suggests a starting crimp that measures .468 to .469 at the top of the brass...which was belled to accept the .4515 dia bullet.  Thanks for any additional info!  OkDee

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I think you will have good luck with the taper crimp at 0.470"    The .45 auto does not need as much crimp depth as most revolver loads anyway, so Precision's recommendation is probably a little tight for auto.  We are not running high-recoil loads (to cause bullet pull), and if your gun feeds well without jamming nose of bullet into ramp or barrel hood (no bullet collapse), you should be good.


You can always do the "loaded round push test" to see if crimp is snug.  Take a round you loaded, hold in hand, push nose into a hard wooden object (like a garage door frame).  If bullet does not push into case further, and bullet does not rotate within case either when twisted by hand, crimp is good.


Good luck, GJ

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On 12/18/2019 at 3:42 PM, Garrison Joe said:

A con - if you are sensitive to expensive powder, it's at the top of the price list.  Fewer vendors carry it.


A pro - usually accurate.


Good luck, GJ

I haven't been to this forum in a while.  In 2019 V-V powders were darned expensive.  These days they seem to have held their price pretty well while many others have gone way up and passed it!  Hodgdon seems to still be reasonable.  

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1 hour ago, Abilene said:

These days they seem to have held their price pretty well

Well, no guarantees that anybody's statement in 2019 about pricing is going to be good in 2024.   If I could have guessed our current economic outcome in 2019, I would have bought a warehouse and bought TONS of American powders then, and might be replacing them with TONS of VV powders now.


In 2019, we mostly had confidence that the American powder manufacturers understood their business and the world economy well enough to keep reloaders supplied with components at reasonable prices.  We know that they got BADLY fooled by events and turns of the industry, largely, and have passed on the pain to us.

🙄 GJ



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