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Allie Mo

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Hello Folks,


Please everyone, if you shoot WB, have a brass picker with you.


I woke up with a back ache this morning from brass picking. :( I also hurt other places (hand and elbow).  I'd like to count now and then, while you pick. Also, having a minimum of two pickers is helpful.


Thank you Wobblin' Bob and Molly Magoo for always picking!  :-*  8)





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I agree Allie, for Wild Bunch brass pickers are nice. I shot more 45ACP rounds at the WBAS match than TOTAL rounds at the CAS match during EOT. At EOT we had Boy Scouts for the Wild Bunch and 4H for the CAS match. I actually expected the Scouts to do better then the 4H but it was definitely the other way around. Of course the 4H group was the shooting club so they had more of an interest. Old injuries are starting to show on a lot of us as we get a "bit older" and it makes picking up brass a lot harder.
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