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Nevada State WB Championship

Bordello Fellow

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Battle Born Rangers hosted the 2019 Nevada State WB Championship September 9 & 10. The match combined both the championship match with their annual shoot, "Roop County Days" providing the shooter an opportunity to shoot for six straight days.


The championship match provided a good mix of "In-your-Face" close, distance shooting, reactionary targets, stationary targets, stand and deliver, and down range movement. There was a lot of "Shooter's Choice" to gun order, gun staging,  and starting position, giving the shooter the option on how to shoot a stage. Judging from my observations, there is a verity of ways a stage can be shot. There were fast stages and some that took some "Front Sight" discipline to shoot.


Our attendance was up and we had two Wild Bunch Ambassadors join us. Tully Mars from Northern Calf. and Little Italy from Oregon. I conclude from all the smiles that everyone enjoyed this years match. For match results and pictures you can go to http://www.northernnevadacas.com.


BBR is planing to repeat this in September 2020. Come join the fun!

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Both the Wild Bunch and the cowboy matches were awesome! I really enjoyed the downrange movement stages as well as the plate rack, hostage taker stage. The folks in Nevada put on a great match! If you have the opportunity to go next year, do it! By the way the food was very good! This was my third year attending the Nevada state WB match, it gets better each year!



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