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BAMM course of fire

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I've only shot a couple of BAMM matches so far. In the midwest, it seems that we're going to be using only cast bullets at 1600 fps or less, which is fine by me. Most matches will probably be at not much more than 100yards.


What are you seeing as far as the typical match for round count, target distances, sizes and scenario? At the Ohio state BAMM side match we shot sitting/rest although one could stand if he/she wanted. The three targets were at 75, 90 and 105 yards and appeared left to right with the 75 yard target on the left, 90 in the middle and 105 on the right. The shooter started with five in the magazine and bolt open. At the beep the shooter shot the targets 75-90-105-90-75 three times, reloading as necessary. The majority of the shooters who had their own rifles cleaned the 15 targets as did a few of the novices who used the loaner rifle and ammo available. Everyone was smiling.


Just curious what other scenarios folks were using or seeing.

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I can tell you what we just shot at 2019 EOT.  Because I organized this on short notice while at the match.


We had three heavy AR500 targets that are angled at 45 degrees from vertical, and several competitors had brought jacketed ammo, so we once again shot BAMM on one of the cowboy bays.  Three 16" diameter targets were set at 70-75 yards, with about five feet separating them.  Either jacketed (including FMJ) or lead bullets were allowed.


The stage was shot as follows:


A timed bench rest or shooting sticks pass with five rounds.

Followed by an "unsupported" position pass with five rounds.  Positions permitted were standing, sitting or kneeling, with use of a military sling allowed if desired.

Each pass was timed separately, then the raw times, misses, penalties from both passes were added to give a total time.


Pass 1:

Benchrest from sandbags, or from a range-provided simple benchrest stand, or using elbow support from bench, or from shooter-provided shooting sticks.  Action open, 5 rounds loaded in magazine, and on beep, fire a Nevada sweep starting from an end target for five rounds.


Pass 2:

Commercial rifle shooting mat provided for shooters to use during this pass.  Shooter allowed to assume their desired shooting position with rifle held in hands, action open, NO rounds loaded in magazine.  On beep, load rifle magazine and shoot the two outside targets of the array, alternating between them for five rounds.


Only one shooter asked about shooting from prone position.  That was not allowed because a large fraction of our competitor group would have a hard time using that position. 


This changed up a little the previous scenario used at EOT, which has usually been 10 rounds all from a rest. 


Had 19 competitors, and we awarded the first, second and third place finishers among men and among women. 


Finished in about an hour and a half.

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BD, our BAMM is kinda like that . We shoot combat from 45 to about 90 yards usually from 2 different tables any style 10 to 15 shots reload on the clock. Our targets are the 2/3 size idpa ar500 Targets. We start various positions including rifle empty and behind it about 6 feet at the beep go to rifle feed a stripper clip commence to fighting. Another start is bolt open 5 in mag rifle in hand at beep close bolt ,fight. We vary on what sweeps we do sometimes double tap,Nevada,single sweep,2-1-2 etc. this can be changed to fit what you have to work with. Don’t have 100 yards? Drop to 50 and use smaller targets,shoot offhand etc. another BAMM we do is sniper. This is done usually from the bench bolt open 5 in rifle with distance out to 125 yards or so. 10 shots reloads on the clock and various sweeps of targets. We try to offer enough variety to keep it exciting. South Texas and Oklahoma do similar setups but slightly different. South east Texas has got BAMM out to 200 yards I think. For round up July 13-14 we have added some ar500 12” square swingers to the mix. With this being lower than a state level  match we are offering a Doughboy category  and it looks to be well attended. After the main match is over BAMM and various side matches in the afternoon.
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