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Movement with a cocked firearm ...

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Section 1.  ..."Shuffling the feet to maintain balance or adjust shooting stance is allowed as long as the shooter does not actually change location.


Section 4.  ... never be allowed to move with a live round under a cocked hammer (SDQ).  Movement is defined the same as 'traveling' in basketball.


Okay, my question is how much movement is movement. 


A shooter (not me) was at a window shooting and moved a foot or two (moving both feet) to the side with a loaded and cocked firearm, but still in the same window and continued shooting.  He was awarded a SDQ for his efforts due to the line referred to in Section 4. above. 


I thought the intent of Section 1 was to allow you to move some if you stayed at the same location (ie. window or door or table).   


So, is movement allowed if you stay at the same shooting location (window, door, table, etc.) or limited with shuffling defined as staying in the same spot but just rotating a little?

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