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Over travel Screw legal in Traditional Category?

Ranger Rob

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Howdy Everybody,


I have been shooting WB over a year using an Rem R1 Stainless in Traditional Category.


This comes stock with a short curved solid trigger.


I would like to update to a medium curved solid trigger.


All the solid triggers I find, Wilson, Brown, Nighthawk etc all have an over travel screw.


Is an over travel screw a legal modification for Traditional Category?


Searching pass forum posts shows this question being asked in 2017 and answered that yes it was legal.


I found an old archived WB handbook from 2004 that stated that over travel screws were allowed in Traditional.


However the 2019 WB Handbook makes no mention that over travel screws are allowed in Traditional.


So am I left to assume that Over travel screws are not allowed in Traditional class anymore?


Please help me clarify this detail.




Ranger Rob  SASS 102689





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