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Passing Gas at the Texican Rangers

Grouchy Spike

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The Texicans hosted their first GAM (Garand Action Military) side match on 3/9 as part of the BAM side match. Six BAMMers unlimbered their Garands and shot the GAM scenario 15 times until the range closed.  Could I say that they were loving it?  ;D


Dusty Boddams made the five-hour trip from North Texas to join the Texicans for this match.  Thanks to the BAMM/GAMM Ambassador for his participation and encouragement!  Have you ever wondered just how many military rifle purchases he has generated among us with his enthusiasm?  :o


If the Texicans board of directors grants approval for more GAM side matches, we’ll shoot more individual scenarios (reloads off the clock) and total the individual scenario scores. I can see that more reloading will be required.  Passing gas causes a greater consumption of ammo, quickly!  8)


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