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Texas State Championship new added side match!


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Wild Bunch on the Brazos the Texas State Championship is in the planning stages and the newest offering will be a POP gun match. That’s right ! Pocket pistols! Being how we are wild bunch we are doing a side match using the types of pocket pistols that would be popular in that era. So pull out the pocket hammerless 32 auto colt or that savage 1905 and let’s play! Remember lead bullets only!

Rules in the attachment.


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                      POP GUN side match                                                               

                Pocket Pistol rules and guidelines


Legal pop guns are of the type of pistol manufactured 1945 or earlier. This not the date of manufacture of a particular pistol but the original version date, therefore a Walther pp could of been manufactured in 1939 or 1979 and be legal for pop. There are many pistols that are legal for this side match but the perfect example would be the 1903 colt hammerless. An early manufactured pistol that falls perfectly into the correct time frame, accurate and reliable. All legal pistols must be centerfire. Please note a few examples below and note this is not all inclusive.

Colt 1903 and 1908 hammerless, colt vest pocket 25 Walther PP or PPK, Walther vest pocket 25, Sauer 32, Ruby 32, 1900 FN browning, 1907 Savage 32/380, Remington hammerless, Ortgies 32, Beretta 1935, Mauser 1910, MAB 32 or 25,  Llama mini 1911 in 32 or 380, Dreyse 1907 32, Frommer Stop 1910, Sauer 38H, Mauser HSC.


General rules and guide

POP guns fit in your pocket

Caliber not greater than 380

Centerfire only 25, 32, 380

Ww2 design cutoff date

Lead bullets only

Pistols may not be externally modified except aftermarket non target grips are allowed along with plating, bluing or engraving as cosmetic enhancements.



Magazines may be loaded any time prior to shooting time.

Magazine remains out of pistol until load and make ready call given by T.O.

Starting position is empty chamber magazine inserted. Scenario may call for pistol laying on table or in hand.

Stage finish under T.O. Direction remove magazine hold open slide if no slide stop to show clear, lower slide, dry fire pistol. Pistol is now safe and may be safely carried to storage area.

Typical stage: 6 or 7 shot Nevada sweep on 3 targets distance 5 to 9 yards

6 or 7 shot with double tap on 3 targets 1 on center.


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Cleaned it up a bit for you. Sounds like another fun side match. Just one more reason for someone to play!


One thing I might mention. Back before there were official rules for Wild Bunch and we ran our own version it was wide open as to what could be shot, so long as the design was pre 1917. We wrote in the caveat that it was the competitors responsibility to prove a gun or design fit into the time frame. This was just in case someone drug something out that no one knew anything about.

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LV, party time!! Thank you for the idea of the pop gun name. I’ve got a nickel with pearls also. Hey if we don’t shoot good we will dang sure look good! I haven’t heard from C.N. Double, I bet if he doesn’t have a pop gun yet he will by next weekend...........


Just in case he is welcome to use mine.  Already have lead bullets rounds.

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I’ve been asked a by a few folks about lead ammo. Magtech makes factory lead 32acp. Anybody shot any of this? Another option is HooDoo Brown, he has bought himself a 32 savage and had a sack  of lead pistol ammo in 32acp. His loaded ammo was fired out of 2 savages a colt 1903 hammerless and a 1910/22 browning. No jambs and shot  as well or better than the fmj. I’ve already shot a fair amount of his 380acp and it’s accurate and reliable as well.


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