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WBAS RO Training Class - Pelham, NH (The Great Nor’easter) - Wed. July 23, 2014

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Wild Bunch Action Shooting (WBAS) - RO Training Classes


Loco Poco Lobo & Nawlins Kid will hold a Wild Bunch Range Officer class at The Great Nor’easter (Pelham, NH) on Wednesday, July 23rd from 9 AM – 3 PM.



Prerequisites for course attendance are:

•        Current SASS member

•        Complete familiarization with the SASS WB Handbook (http://sassnet.com/wildbunch/wbRules.php)

•        Understanding of the function and operation of all SASS WB legal firearms


What should you bring to class?

•        Bring note taking materials (paper and pens/pencils) to the training.  You may use your notes, but NOT the WBAS Handbook during the test.

•        Do NOT bring any firearms or ammunition to the class. 


The training course consists of a presentation, multiple-choice test, and a practical test.  All the test answers are in the WBAS Handbook, so we emphasize that you read and understand the Handbook before the class.  The training can take up to 6 hours, but we will take a lunch break and other breaks as needed.


To sign up for the class, please contact us at wb1911@rochester.rr.com.


Loco Poco Lobo & Nawlins Kid

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