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Well went and bought one.


A few more questions.

I shoot left handed, it appears that at one time there was something called a Burgin device and Swiss products once made a left hand rod.  Would the addition if I find one make the rifle illegal as presumably these were not as issued.


In am presuming the same for diopter sights?  I can't quite figure if some were issued that way or that was pure sporterizing/competition sights over there.


I was surprised the mag holds 6.  Presumably for fairness though rifle is only loaded with five?

On a side note I see an aftermarket 10 rounder.  To me makes rifle even more useful.


Now get some dies.  Any recommendations?

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I would think changing it to left hand would be illegal same with the diopter sight.  Fairness would dictate loading 5 although I have been to some monthly’s a couple of times where they load 6 but it’s 10 total so either way it’s a reload somewhere along the line.  I think rcbs makes dies and ppu brass. The brass can’t be made from anything local except 284 Winchester so it’s easier and cheaper to buy the ppu.
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