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cast bullets with swiss k31


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They are legal and do very well with cast gas checked bullets. Capt. Bruce Jarrett and Grouchy Spike use these to good effect. I think they both use .310 from Norm Purcella. The brass to feed these are available and made by ppu. The rifles are very well made very close tolerances. HooDoo Brown loads customammo for folks that don’t want to load there own. One thing about this rifle, it will not function with anything less than perfect handloads. K31’s also feature really good sights for our game. Dusty B
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LV, I second the notion by Dusty Boddams!


You will enjoy the K31. The furniture might look a bit rough but I have yet to see one that doesn’t have functional hardware.  Overall cartridge length is critical but easily determined. For the 170 gr Sil GC bullet sized to 0.310” by Purcella, 2.790 to 2.795 is likely the range with which you should experiment.  I experimented with and use Trail Boss (15.0 to 15.5 gr)  but there is no reason not to use other powders.


There is a L E Wilson case gauge available  which will help you when resizing the PPU case (good brass) to determine min and max case length and shoulder setback.  That item will eliminate many headaches.  I tossed the Lee sizing die and use a Redding Full Length resizing die which would resize the case further down toward the rim.  I also chamber check EVERY round.


If you buy a K31, send me a PM Or email and I’ll send notes which may help you climb the learning curve faster! I have an email address for you.


Polymer Stripper clips are available from Northridge:




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Thank you everyone.


The rifle I am assured is a K31.  Thank you for the load data, I try to use Trail Boss in almost all my loads (and Unique in the few that do not work well with TB).

As I mentioned not sure quite yet.  Big problem is the time of year and resources......ugh!


I did a lot of reading on the rifles and I am really interested now in these rifles. 


Most writers have said that since neutral Swiss were not under the restrictions that other countries where that the materials and craftsman ship did not suffer.  Also, few saw more than occasional use (practice mostly) and most have decent bores on them.  Yes, furniture may show some dings and bumps from storage and movement but this is going to be a shooting rifle not a collector anyway.  As long as no real bad cracks then that does not bother me. 


Again thank you.

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