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Texas State Wild Bunch 2018 - Great Match!

Grouchy Spike

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The Texas State WB Match for 2018 was an outstanding success!  The scenarios were easy to follow and targets varied from 'not too close' to 'use your sights'. Goatneck Clem's connections insured that Main Match days were dry.  BAMM and GAMM, Fastest Rifle and Fastest Pistol on Side Match Friday saw a few showers to help the hay crops, but we were under cover and dry.  More side matches on Saturday and Sunday afternoons insured that the extra ammo supply was spent. Stomachs were full too!  If anyone didn't have enough shooting, they must have run out of ammo before the activities ended. We did send some lead downrange!


Thanks to Shady McLarry, Goatneck Clem, Dusty Boddams and all of those in the Comanche Valley Vigilantes who worked to host this match. Special thanks to Dusty and Goatneck for sponsoring Friday lunch and to Chula Cat and Shady for being the match cooks.  Well done, CVV!

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