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BAMM courses of fire

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I've only shot one BAMM match and haven't even seen any others. I'd like to get something started around here (southwest Ohio) and need some ideas. The one match I did shoot was a side match at this year's Illinois State WB match and was their first effort at BAMM as far as I know. The course of fire was one stage with three targets at 85 yards, the range was partially flooded or it would have been 100 yards. The shooter shot from a bench using a supplied rest and shot three Indiana sweeps (1-2-3-2-1) starting on either end. The shooter started rifle empty although he could have a loaded stirpper clip in the slot in the receiver. Most of the shooters shot clean and fastest time won.


What scenarios are you seeing? I assume distances and shooting positions will vary, any suggestions on distance, target size etc. would be appreciated. We'll probably start this as a side match at monthly matches with limited time available.


BTW, I was one of the shooters who did not clean the targets in Illinois, missing 6 out of 15  :-[. I had not gotten my rifle zeroed and the distance marks on the sight in no way correlate when using cast bullets. Once someone told me where I was hitting (WAY low) I cleaned the remaining targets.  I still had a blast.

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First, Adapt the scenario to range and target availability.


I broke the local side match at the Texican Rangers into two scenarios - a Sniper match at longer range (out to 135 yds) and a Close Combat at 55 yds.  Paint the targets Bright Orange (Rustoleum) for best visibility for senior eyes.  Red is not so easy to see the front sight. Black is difficult to see the front sight.


Sniper: 5 to 7 targets (16” circles, diamonds, or squares) beginning at 65 yds out to 135 yds, minimize double taps so that the shooter must adjust to each target distance and use different holds – 6 o’clock, 12 o’clock, center, etc.  10 to 15 rounds. Shooter’s choice whether supported or unsupported, any shooting position. Sling is OK.  Write an easy to follow target sequence.


Close Combat: four to six targets (Cody Dixon – 20” to 22”) at 55 yards, 10 rounds, unsupported but sling is OK.  This one is usually shot standing. Write an easy to follow target sequence.


For some extra fun, for those who have a 1911 or 1917 revolver, add a separate scenario with Close Combat rifle and 10 or 14 pistol rounds to use after the rifle is empty on CAS or WB pistol or rifle targets.


Green Mountain Regulators in Marble Falls TX includes BAM in their monthly Long Range match. This is an accuracy match, not a speed match.  Three shots each at 100, 150, and 200 yards, then repeat backwards for 18 shots.  1 point for hitting steel, 2 points if the bullseye is hit.  36 points possible.


Plus small targets at 75, 125, and 175 yards for 3 points each.  9 points possible.


No timer is used, ties are broken by the number of bullseyes.  Further tie breaks will use a shootoff of 3 rounds at 200 yards.


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BD,  ;D what Grouchy said plus shoot between 5 and 15 rounds. We start bolt open 5 in magazine and commence the fight from there. Sniper we started shooting after seeing Grouchy’s  at comancheria day’s. This is usually sitting with no movement. Combat we usually shoot 15, 5 from 3 different locations at targets from 55 out to 85 or so. Sniper has been shot to 200 but usually lives around 100-120 yards. Target size means a lot. You can have a sniper match 70-80 yards with smaller targets and have all the challenges you would care to have. Remember BAMM is very flexible! Shot Oklahoma state WB recently and the sniper match consisted of a prop car with a target on top moving 50’ from cover to cover reversing and traveling back at around 85 yards. Fun and interesting! Dusty
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