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If you are wondering, like I was, of who's coming and how many in each category it can now be found under the events tab.


I emailed Misty about this on Fri. and it's already taken care of.


Thank you Misty and Amber.


Marshal Stone


PS; wish someone knew how to move this to the Wild Bunch Wire.


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it can now be found under the events tab.



I am pretty familiar with the SASS site, and I've done a ton of hunting around and not found what you call the "events tab".  Betcha others may be similarly mystified.  Can you be a little more specific?  Did they put it somewhere on the EOT area of the Cowboy Forum?  I already see it's not just an additional page on the Cowboy Who's Coming list....


Thanks, GJ



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I asked Misty about this today. She said to go to the main SASS page. Go to Wild Bunch section and supposedly it is there. I haven't looked yet.  She said to put the WBAS shooters on the same page as the CAS shooters would require a complete rework of the "who's coming" page???
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