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WinClean 244 Powder

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Brand new.  Limited loading data.  Now posted in Hodgdon's burn rate chart (wasn't last week) as being between 231 and Unique.  Hodgdon has some .45 Auto loading data for the 200 grain lead bullet - the low end of their recommended range is 176 power factor.  And 230 grain also has low end of 175.  That hints it is not going to be real good if you only want to make 160 PF.  It will have to be tested, and PROVEN consistent, below their minimums to be very popular with WB shooters.


If you are getting powder residue with WST, you are loading wrong.  I have nothing left in 1911 or rifle barrel, and only a little "BULLET grease" blowback, which I expect with conventional lube bullets.    I would not expect 244 to be cleaner than the much faster WST!  It might be slightly less sharp recoil, though.


Good luck, GJ

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