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You can already read what my recommendation was to the OP on the original thread.  And that still stands in SPADES, IMHO.


Do you even know who makes those mags for SARCO?  There ain't a cheap imported magazine (nor a cheap USA made mag for that matter) that I would trust if I was using them to shoot apples out of a tree, let alone for a match or even more important, defense.  Life's too short and valuable to be laying on a gurney and in your last breath say, "but I saved $20 on that magazine in my jammed up 1911."


Back in my college days, yeah, I shot lots of various types of surplus mags in my Colt 1911.  If you rummage through my gear at a match today, you will find nothing but Tripps and a couple of old nostalgic 40 year old Colts.  If you can afford to shoot Wild Bunch, you can afford great mags and not be worrying about whether one will bite your butt.


There's a handful of parts that are really worth buying the best available for a 1911:





barrel bushing


slide stop




And AFAIK, the importance is in that order, most important at top.  Where's your magazine quality requirement fall?


Good luck, GJ



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Went to Sarco's site and read all the posted reviews.  The trend I picked up is the mag retention slot is mis-located and has lots of burrs.


The design uses a follower that is almost guaranteed to do some "nose diving," like most cheap mags. 


Here's one review that really would scare me off:

left a review after testing only one mag. That mag had a few issues. I have tested the other 9 mags that I purchased for testing purposes. Six out of ten were ok, four out of ten had burrs that would cause a failure to load into battery. The burrs were easy to remove with my pocket knife, but should not be there.


Sounds about as good as the lower end of imported mags usually are.  Ugh.


Good luck, GJ

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