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Free Ruger 1911 pistol

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....that got your attention, didn't it.  YES, Free Ruger 1911 to one lucky registered shooter at the 2018 Illinois State Wild Bunch Championship on April 7/8, Sparta, Illinois.  The Kaskaskia Cowboys voted to graciously donate a Ruger 1911 Pistol to the shoot. So, here is how we will give it away. All paid registered shooters will receive one ticket. IF you pay and register by April 1st., you will receive 2 additional tickets. IF you pay and register by March 1st. you will receive 4 additional tickets. Early paid registrations help me considerably with ordering meals, ordering trophies, door prizes, attendance prizes, and printing match programs. All checks for registration will NOT be cashed until after the shoot, thus, if you need to cancel, 100% refund. PLUS, this year we will be having side matches on Friday, April 6th. Fastest 1911, fastest shotgun, and NO Shell Stuffer can NOT enter. PLUS, we will also have a BAM match. Bolt Action Military rifle match. Shot 100 yards. This will be fun!


Go to www.kaskaskiacowboys.com  for registration forms. LET'S GET'EM IN!!!!!


Back 40


PS And thanks a bunch to the Kaskaskia Cowboys for their great donation!!!!!

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