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Nine-year old stops carjacking

Grouchy Spike

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A nine-year old, sitting in the back seat of Dad's truck while Dad was in a convenience store, stopped a carjacker from stealing Dad's pickup.  Seems that the engine was running, carjacker opened the door and climbed behind the steering wheel, and young Larimore pulled up his pellet gun, pointed it at the carjacker's head.  The carjacker caused some other excitement - read the article linked.  I wonder whether young Larimore said something like "Make my day, punk!"




I am reminded of an incident involving grandson Eagle Eye Kane when he was ten. He spent summers and holidays with me, learned to shoot at age seven, was cowboy shooting from age eight with both a SxS and a M97. This story was related by both Eagle Eye and his mother.  Seems that toward nightfall an uninvited guest trespassed into the front yard.  The dogs bark changed from alert to continuous barking.  Mom went to the front door, saw the intruder (not well dressed) and told him to stop, that the dog would bite.  The intruder ignored her and the dog, continued walking to the steps on the porch.  At that time Eagle Eye appeared in the front doorway with a loaded Ithaca Mag 10 at port arms, and said "You better leave"  The intruder put up his hands, walked away.  Mom asked Eagle Eye where he learned that defensive technique, and he said "Grandpa told me that when something like this was happening, the intruder wasn't stopping by for coffee so I better be prepared to use force." The training paid off, Eagle Eye didn't shoot but was prepared to if the threat moved closer.


After reading the link above, Eagle Eye related another incident that happened a year ago at age 15.  He was home alone toward sundown on a winter day, heard a vehicle in the driveway, looked out the window and saw three hooded guys trying to load his Dad's old junk Honda Gold Wing onto a trailer.  He tried to reach his mom by phone, but she didn't answer, so he called Dad at work.  Dad said "I didn't tell anybody that they could have that Honda."  Kane grabs the Mag 10, walks out the front door, shouting at the three thieves.  One runs away, another says "Kane, don't shoot!  It's Wesley, your cousin, don't shoot!"


Seems that Mom had given Wesley permission to remove the bike, hadn't told Dad or Eagle Eye.


Kane should change his cowboy alias to 'Shotgun Kane' or "Shotgun Eye' or some such appropriate alias!

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