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Fired brass


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About the only big match that is semi-lost brass is Winter Range, but if you are willing to stay until folks are done shooting each day, you used to be able grab a "suitable amount" of spent brass from what fell on the ground during each day when it is cleaned up by fellow shooters.  In 2016 and 2017, WR was able to get enough Boy Scouts to turn out after school on week days that they did go to lost brass (with a sell-back which didn't work all that well).  So, for Winter Range, assume you will either lose the WB brass or pay more than the range brass is worth (perhaps you consider it a good cause).


Almost ALL other WB matches, large and small, are picked up as the shooter goes through.  EOT WB is shagged after each shooter by some of the local Albuquerque area Boy Scouts (and tips that go to camping supplies and equipment are willingly accepted).


There is more brass to be shagged in this game than in Cowboy, but also more of the WB posse seems willing and able to shag brass as we go.  EVERY monthly or state match in NM and AZ I have ever been to shags as the shooter finishes the stage.


I know some big matches are lost brass matches....

So, I'd say what you have been told is not close to most WB reality.    :o


And worrying about losing brass at WR is among the least of my worries, considering that small cost in the big scheme of WR expenses.


I have heard of a few clubs that have lots of props, and they hold off brass recovery until end of day, and they jointly pick up and split the brass.  I'm not sure they save much time doing that.  And it's less satisfying to each shooter.


Good luck, GJ

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