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for bam type 38 ariska


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test post to see if db errors have been fixed yet....12:02 PM MDT


Ok, now that I can post something again,


The Type 38 Arisaka rifle uses 6.5x50SR cartridge.  It's not very easily available anymore at a reasonable price.  Midway has some Hornady at about $43 for 20.  And it's all jacketed ammo.  No commercial lead-bullet ammo commonly sold - but lots of BAM matches require cast bullets only.


The Arisaka uses a very shallow rifling (Metford design) that is fine for jacketed rounds, but not very accurate for cast bullet loads.  Lots of folks moan about how bad the accuracy is on the Arisaka rifles with cast bullets.


So, although the gun is priced cheap, unless you want to be paying premium prices when buying ammo and fighting to get good accuracy with a 6.5 mm cast bullet (hard enough to get good accuracy with) in a gun that is known to have problems with cast bullet loads, I'd recommend another gun.  Now, if you have matches to go to that allow jacketed ammo, perhaps you won't be disappointed.


Some of the Yugoslavian Mausers are still circulating like the 24 or 24/47 models, which shoot cast bullet loads VERY well and commercial 8 mm Mauser ammo is much more readily available for.  Or the Russian Mosin-Nagants, for which some 7.62x54R mm mil surplus ammo can sometimes be found.  Both are quite a bit cheaper than a Springfield 03, 03A3, or even most German-made Mausers.  And lots of folks are pretty happy with Swiss K-31 rifles (7.5x55 ammo).



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