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Non WB but in the era - Winchester 1905/07 or Remington Model 8


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I stumbled across these two looking in the pre WW1 era and they both have me intrigued.  I have been looking at some on classifieds.


The thing about the Winchester SL is that the rounds are virtually non existent any more. 


The Remi Model 8 in 35 Remington at least has current ammo still made and of course a Browning design. 


Like I said, just doing some reading but have no experience with these rifles and just wondering if some of the fine folks here have some experience with either.


I must admit that once things get much past 1917, they have lost interest to me. 

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LV, I own both. The 35 Remington is a powerful rifle for the era. Mine will shoot about 2 1/2" at 100 yards. The Winchester sl had different calibers depending on it being a 1905,07,10. The easiest caliber is the 351 and in factory form it's comparable to a 357 maximum and the maximum case can be made to work with modification. The 35SL Winchester would be about as easy it's just a shorter version of the 351. I've tried reducing loads in my 351 and have not had success. The 351 is a blowback kinda setup and has a big heavy chunk of steel inside the forearm to control the inertia . Expect to pay about 200.00 for original 10 round magazines. Almost forgot they made a 32SL that was the catalyst for the m1 carbine. Different cartridge won't exchange. Back to the 351 brass is available,bullets are available and it's a fun fast rifle. Friend of mine has shot turkeys and hogs with his. Dusty
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