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Showing clear in the 1911?

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This question may have been answered here before, but I'm asking it again. After dropping the magazine and showing clear it has always been my understanding that the slide must be released and allow to go into battery. Today a shooter was gently putting the slide forward and was told that was perfectly ok. I interrupt the wording "allow the slide to go forward into battery" as Allow the slide to move under it's own power. Of course the wording "unimpeded" is used in regards to the trigger and not the slide.


So what's the correct procedure?


Below is copied from the WB handbook.


UNLOAD and SHOW CLEAR: this means remove any live rounds and the magazine if one is

inserted, and with the slide open hold the pistol so the official can see there is no magazine

inserted and the chamber is empty.

SLIDE DOWN: This means allow the slide to go forward to battery.

HAMMER DOWN: While the pistol is pointed in a safe direction pull the trigger allowing the

hammer to drop, unimpeded.





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+1 for SBC's reply.


Yes, slide can be eased down.  Hammer can not. The important TEST is that there is no live round in the chamber after you have cleared the gun. 


Finely tuned 1911's are not going to like having the slide dropped hard on an empty chamber.  It wears the sear and hammer notch, and leads to hammer following down even when charging rounds into the chamber during normal firing. 



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