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Question on th Springfield 1903 for Garrison Joe or anyone who knows.

Back 40

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So what is this range of serial numbers please?  thanks


In a US arm, price ranges for good guns that will shoot well and have a Muzzle Wear of 3 or less (in other words, still several thousand rounds of barrel life left):

* Springfield 1903 - will have open rear sights, and don't buy in the range of serial numbers where there is brittle receiver possibilities --  about $800 - $1000

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Hey ya, Back 40.  You didn't warn me that Shell Stuffer and you were out at EOT to CLEAN UP on us western boys!  ;D


Ok, the range of serial numbers on 1903 Springfields where the heat treat was not real well controlled, and some receivers end up brittle, was below ABOUT 810,000 on a gun made at Springfield Armory.


From a pretty definitive source of that info (CMP):



Temperature control via pyrometer rather than eyeball started at serial 632,826.  I'd feel good trusting this number to be the low end of what I would use.


This was from:



And Rock Island Armory guns were considered weak/brittle below below 285,507.


IF you feel compelled to shoot a low serial number, you might want to keep pressures down at about 40,000 psi.


Note that the below-810,000 or 285,506 serial numbers are not allowed to be fired in CMP authorized matches.


Good luck, GJ




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