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Three years into "Wild Bunch" I decided to upgrade from a 97 to a model 12 shotgun.    Texas Jack of "Gun Traders", Redmond,Or. provided a sweet "12" and Mark Braid of Boise, Id performed the slick gun-smithing !  Shot the first match with it  last Saturday, Tombstone W.B. and it preformed flawlessly!  Kudos to both gentlemen for a great shotgun, and quick service.
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Although I cannot comment on the fellers you mentioned I can comment on the Winchester Model 12. I recently acquired one, a 103 year old Model 12 to compete in my first Wild Bunch match at a local cowboy match. The gun is totally unmodified and ran flawlessly. I don't want to beat up a firearm this old so I got lucky on GunBroker and acquired another one. Much newer and in fantastic condition. This one also runs flawlessly. These things are an absolute joy to load up and run as fast as you can. I had a Coyote Cap 97 model I never could get the hang of for Cowboy so I sold it. That was long before I ever decided to do Wild Bunch. Kinda wish I still had it... The Model 12 is a fantastic shotgun for anybody thinking about it however.



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