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Model 12, nickel steel?


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I have an opportunity to purchase an early serial number model 12 with a nickel steel stamped on the barrel. Google does not show much except nickel was the alloy used in production at the time. Any pros or cons to that particular gun? Gun seems to be in very good condition overall.



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Nickel steel Marking I think would put it before 1931. Nothing negative that I know of.  If possible you might run some shells thru or shoot it just to make sure it runs to your satisfaction. If the guns been sitting in a corner for the last 60 years a full strip and clean would be most beneficial! Welcome to the world of 12's!
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Well, I bought it.  8)


Serial number puts it the 1914 production year. Blueing is mostly gone but it is in great shape with no rust, and works quite well, although a tad stiff. 30" full choke barrel. Fit is tight between frame and barrel assembly. Wood is better than decent, especially considering this shotgun is 103 years old. Loads and fires 6 rounds just like the day it left Winchester.








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