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Looking for WB clothing with a big head

Back 40

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Back 40  ;D ;D of course there's the smarty response like elastic or a bobble head joke........but Seriously I think either looking on eBay and finding a new campaign hat in your size or a Stetson with the right sized brim in the right color and have it shaped into a campaign hat. I don't think there's a chance in the world of finding a ww1 or 2 hat in that size. Clothes are as simple as going to Walmart and getting a Dickie work outfit in khaki or as complicated as getting in touch with one of the reproduction company's for a uniform. Comfortable boots are Corcoran jump boots and they look close to ww1 marching shoes. For leggings buy reproductions of ww2 because if you're trying to cover a boot top ww1 were made for the shoe. Dusty Boddams
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I too have a large hat size.  Go to e-bay and purchase a wooden hat expander, they work good.  Find the largest hat you can get, soak it in water and expand.  Take it slow you don't want to tear the hat.  It might take several times to get it to your size.

  Good luck.

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