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Great BAMM bullet news!

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Testing bullets from Norm Purcella for the 8 mm Mauser. The only problem that the 8mm has is good commercial lead bullet availability and bullets lighter than 200 + grains are almost non existent. Most all for sale are .323. I've been in talks with Norm about this and here is the bullet now being made. It's a spire type bullet.its about 168 grains. It's gas checked. It's hytek coated. It's available in .323 or .325 It's nothing short of great! I shot several 3 shot 100 yard groups with 3 different rifles and turned in several 3/4" groups. My Turkish Mauser shot 1 1/2"! Best groups were obtained at .325 in my rifles. So if you have or want to get an 8mm but couldn't find good lead bullets Norm has got you covered.  Dusty Boddams
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