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Lone Dog

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Spikester I am way past ready. Shot all  6 of my M12s today to see which three get to go and which 3 have to stay home. Shot my new old Smith 1911 I got off the SASSWire and so far it has no misses in it. I am sure that will change this coming weekend. The Marlin as always was good to go and I am sure the back up Marlin is too. Both are LH tuned great rifles.


Cleaning magazines? Har.!!! Never have yet. Of course I never ever let mine hit the dirt either...

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Lone Dog, I'm ready except for cleaning magazines.


I recommend that you disassemble and clean the followers, springs, and bores of your magazines with powder solvent, then wipe them dry.  Accumulation of powder residue can impede the upward movement of the follower and you can experience some misfeeds/jams. I became a believer after that happened to me!

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I'm ready... after I load ammo, clean mags, and get the front sight on my 1911 restaked!!!


Front Sight? Are we to use a front sight?  Maybe I didn't read all of the instructions.

It's one of those "iffy" things... If I use it... I slow down;  If I don't... I miss!
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