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NYS WB State Championship

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:) :) :) :)


That is what you saw all over the club from the 39 shooters who came for the first annual New York State Wild Bunch Championship, "Muster at Fort Misery"!!


While it was the first time the club hosted a state WB match, all of the things that make the Circle K Regulator's annual SASS Championship, "Heluva Rukus", such a success was in place: A great location, lots of old and soon to be new friends, plenty of room, great stages, lots of movement, plenty of shooters choices for sequences, movers, double bird poppers, a shoot/no shoot hostage target, great RO's, on site lunch and breakfasts for great prices, and a Saturday night banquet that was....well, we don't want to say how delicious it was because those who were there want to keep it a secret, but lets say if you like beef tenderloin cooked to perfection, shrimp creole, taters, veggies, a tossed salad, drinks and a choice of two desserts (heck, take one of each!), you should have been there!!


A big thanks to Dude Bandit for designing some great stages, and Roy Cassidy for working so darn hard to pull this all together.


I for one hope to shoot it again next year, and from what I heard, so do a LOT of the folks! In fact, many said they were coming back and bringing others with them next year!!



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Loco Poco Lobo and I would like to say that Circle K  Regulators did a superb job on putting on their first state WB match!!! The stages were challenging and fun to shoot. And by the happy faces of shooters and them saying they will be back is complement to all who helped to make it happen. Also the food served was excellent.


Now Sgt. John I was standing next to your cart when the tire was deflated. I have never seen this happen before. I was getting a little splatter while running the timer. Then I handed off the timer to you and the next thing I know the splatter follows me and takes out your tire. The targets must have been getting even after what I was thinking while I was shooting at them. :) :)

Looking forward to have you on our posse again next year.



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    Howdy    Special thanks to Roy&Violet Cassidy two very fine examples of the cowboy way. I was blessed to be on posse #2 with the Nawlins Kid & Loco Polo Loco true ambassadors of WB. Sgt John just between you and me I heard Sixgun Schwaby shot your tire out when you called that cease fire on Renegade Roper.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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