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7.5 x 55 for K31

Grouchy Spike

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I posted last year about my experience with this caliber in the K31, and Happy Jack commented that he used Imperial Lube.  I abandoned castor oil because it is labor intensive, switched to Dillon lube with great results - every case is sized to chamber every time.  Were Wilson to make a case gauge for this caliber, that would make QC easier because it wouldn't be necessary to chamber -check every round.


Here's the earlier link:http://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/forum/index.php?topic=2090.0


When the cartridge doesn't full chamber, the operating rod protrudes slightly in it's channel  in the bolt, and a loud click is heard when the trigger is pulled but the firing pin hasn't impacted the primer, maybe at the most a faint dent is put into the primer. Slamming the bolt fully forward and recocking the firing might work, but that may also jam the oversized cartridge into the chamber with a long recovery time.  Better to eject that misfit and have extra ammo on hand.


If this failure to fully chamber happens, it's time to back up to the sizing die.  Check the cases in the K31 after sizing and trimming to TTL and before further processing them.  If they don't easily chamber, either the case is not fully sized to the base or the shoulder set-back is off.


The Redding sizing die for K31 reloads eliminated almost all problems and the Dillon lube provided the remaining solution.  Chamber checking for QC is  necessary.


Other K31 shooters please jump on this and share your experience.  Many others are buying and shooting these K31s.

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GS, the k-31 is a heck of a rifle . I've heard it compared to a Rolex as far as quality goes and I agree with that. Super accurate to boot at least all the ones I've been in contact with. Flawless with factory ammo but if handloading better bring the A game. I would imagine that we don't have the brute force camming  action to seat a less than perfect round as we do with the mausers. When I started loading for mine I experienced that click also. It's especially loud when the timers running! Careful adjustment of the dies and particular attention to detail goes along way in curing this. Bruce Jarrett has more than one and has got them running well.      Dusty
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I've been watching K31s on Gunbroker, and typically they sell for around $500.  However, one sale almost cracked $1000 because the seller had thoroughly cleaned and lubed a K31,  'lightly' sanded the stock, applied a black coating to the blue parts, polished the unblued parts.  And he had some range videos to attest to the accuracy.  While his work didn't necessarily improve the accuracy, it did improve the eye appeal.


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