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West Virginia State WBAS Championship

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I've seen on the SASS site that the State WBAS Championship for West Virginia is coming up in October.  Unfortunately, I cannot find any other information about this match, or anywhere to submit an application to attend this match.  I sent an email to the contact that was listed, but never heard anything back.


I'd love to support this match, but really need to know who to contact to get an application for the match (no links or information on the Kanawha Valley Regulators site).  If anybody can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

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I would suppose Eddie Rebel should know a lot more about the match and schedule and round count than the rest of us.  Maybe get ahold of him again? 



You could always take enough ammo to shoot 15 stages with round counts of 30 handgun, 10 rifle and 6 shotgun.  Then you would at least be able to shoot the main match...... ;D


But looking at the app form, its a 10 stage match and some side matches (those not specified).


I'd probably do a load out of:


main match

250 handgun  100 rifle  60 shotgun


side matches

100 handgun  50 rifle 25 shotgun


That would get you by, most likely.


The app does say:

For additional information contact: 

Ed Clark, “Eddie Rebel”, Match and Range Director, (304) 397-6188, e-mail: ecclark@suddenlink.net

Roger Weir, “Captain Hook”, Territorial Governor, (304) 429-2199









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So, CALL them.  Just because a pard puts down an email address does not mean he reads it regularly.  When you are getting ready for a big match as a match director, email reading may not be your top priority.    Not every baby boomer lives and dies by email, let alone social media - strange as that may seem to younger pards.
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Well, got all the information from both Eddie Rebel and Captain Hook, and they filled me in on all of the details for the match.


Just got home from the match, and needless to say, I had a great time, and got to meet some great people as well.  Many thanks to Eddie Rebel for writing and putting on such a great match, and to everyone in the Kanawha Valley Regulators for everything all of you did to make the match a success.


I managed to take Second Place in the Men's Modern Category for the match, so I'm very satisfied.  I will definitely be back again for next years match.

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