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Do I have to have at least 1 magazine pouch?

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Bottom of page 14 WBAS Shooters Handbook OFFICIAL rule:


Additional magazines that the shooter may wish to have beyond those the shooter can carry in pouches may be either carried in a pocket or staged at locations of their choice on the stage.



This rule makes it sound as if you need at least one(1) magazine pouch.  Is having at least 1 magazine pouch a requirement?  I'd like a definitive answer.  Not that a weekend WB shoot would make that a strict rule, but I'd like to know exactly what is or is not required in regards to the number of magazine pouches. 



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The rules only specify that pistol ammunition must be charged from magazines.  Rules do not require any specific number of mag pouches, just that IF mag pouches are used, they must comply with several restrictions, most of which are very traditional and make lots of sense.


If a shooter wanted to penalize himself with the extra reaching needed to get to mags on a table or prop or a pocket, why not let them?  Only if the pocket was specially engineered to do things that the rules prohibit mag pouches from doing, would there be any concern.


WR and EOT have both allowed shooters to place all mags on props or tables or in pockets.  It has never been an advantage to do so.  And there are usually at least one or two stages where you can save a lot of time by starting to move, drawing mag from pouch on the run and inserting mag as you slide to a stop at next shooting position.


Definitive?  Around here?  Well, good luck.    ;D





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