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Laka mags?

Lone Dog

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Picked up a TRP Springfield. Great gun. Nice sights, excellent trigger. Came with the supplied 8 rd mags and a Sprgfld 10 rounder. Also 5 of the older pre shooting star Chip McCormick mags and 5 Laka 7 rounders. Never heard of those meownself. Anyone else? Appear to be good 'uns.


The TRP is sweet. Great trigger, nice sights etc etc

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Well Grouch the TRP stays home. It is not WBAS legal. For the extended mag well if nothing else. Nobody cares around here as we all shoot wide Open category. So it will get shot some Sunday. I have about 6 or so legal electric guns and 3 at least will make the trip.


Yes I have umpteen bolt action rifle guns to shoot BAMM with. The only problem is getting lead pill ammo because of that restriction at that range. I still have some lead 7.62 x 54R I shot the Mosins with at TX State two year ago (last year was the first one I missed). And I have some lead 30/40 Krag for my carbines. Sure would like to find some lead 8mm Mauser fodder...


...if anyone knows of some somewhere for sale...

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