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magazine pouch question

Hogleg Hunter

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The rules state that extra magazines may be carried in a pocket. Is there a minimum number of pouches that are required before this is allowed?


I am shooting my first wb match in 2 weeks. I have everthing together except I need to have some magazine pouches made. I have one canvas pouch that I can use but really need two more. Is it permissible for me to put the extra magazines in a vest pocket?


JM Leather makes a pouch that I like. Anyone use these or have any other recommendations?


Hogleg Hunter

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No requirement for ANY pouches.    Come shoot!  Put your mags on the table if you want to.  Put 'em in a pocket!  Put 'em in your back jeans pocket.  Just come shoot!


If some club wants to be difficult about this while you are getting your gear together, let us know which one so we can give them a rough time about running shooters off!


Seriously, though, don't sweat the small stuff.  Come out and have fun!


Good luck, GJ

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The NEW April 2015 Version 8 of the WBAS Shooters Handbook and WBAS RO Manuals have been posted on the SASS Website. Will be posted on the WBAS Forum as soon as Hdqtrs. gets to it.

Bottom of page 14 WBAS Shooters Handbook OFFICIAL rule:


Additional magazines that the shooter may wish to have beyond those the shooter can carry in pouches may be either carried in a pocket or staged at locations of their choice on the stage.

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