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Staging ammo and magazines

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Prior to 2024 the rules as I understood them allowed any shooter to stage loaded magazines or loose ammo.

That prior language remains under the heading “Cartridge Belts, Bandoleers, Magazines and Pouches” (SHB 17.4 p. 20) but seems to be contradicted by the first bullet point under the heading “Ammunition Belts and Loops” which reads “Ammunition required…must be carried on the shooter’s person…, or be safely staged AS REQUIRED BY STAGE INSTRUCTIONS.” (All caps not in original).

I expect this another cut-and-paste from the CAS Handbook.

I liked being able to tell new shooters that they can stage magazines rather than requiring them to purchase magazine pouches.  I’m not sure that is now an accurate statement.

Please don’t tell me what a Match Director has discretion to allow ow waive in a local match.  I know that.

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I've staged loaded magazines at EOT Wild Bunch, Bordertown WB, state matches, etc and never once were there any "stage instructions" that interfered with putting down magazines in a safe and easily accessible manner.    Someone got a little carried away with rulebook modification, I would think.

If a stage instruction mandated doing that in some specific way, then of course, I'm sure WB shooters would try to comply with the restrictions (or allowances) that the stage instructions provide.  Stage instructions override the rule book for the stage they apply to!  But surely the rule book does not need to keep re-iterating that principle over and over on specific rule points.

good luck, GJ


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The context is, if you have enough mag pouches for the stage, that's where the mags come from.

If you don't have enough mag pouches for the stage, you can stage the ones you need.

You can't take mags from mag pouches and stage them where you think you might need them.

Same with rifle reloads. If you have a loop for reload rounds, that's where they come from. If you don't you can stage them. You can't pull a reload round from the loop and stage it.

All this depends on the written stage description though.

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8 hours ago, Flying W Ramrod said:

Contact your WBTG. Let them know your concern. That's how things get changed.

Have WBTG's been elected at all WB clubs?

What about the WBROC? Which (to my knowledge) has not been appointed.

Can't even begin to discuss effectively any thought of making changes until both

are completed. 

Marshal Stone

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