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Doughboy 30-06 loads

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Can be loaded with lots of powders.   I get great accuracy with 5744, but it's very expensive.  For 100 yard shooting, 2400 or 4227 is a good choice.  Red Dot can even be put into use.  For 200 yard accuracy, better to go to a powder like 4198 or 3031 or Reloder 7 - of course, those are rapidly increasing in price, too.  Really depends upon what you want the muzzle velocity to be.   And accuracy of each cast bullet load in a rifle tends to be specific to that rifle. 

Here's a great summary of military rifle cast bullet loading:


My favorite for 30-06 with a 170 to 200 grain slug at about 1800 FPS tends to be........Reloder 7.    4227 if shooting slower loads (1400 FPS) friendly to normal steel "cowboy" targets.


A copy of the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th Edition (all cast bullet loads) or the Lyman Reloading Handbook 51st edition (this edition now has several cast bullet loads for each bullet and cartridge combination) is going to be your best reference material.

good luck, GJ

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