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FS Cimarron 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine 44 Mag

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Imported by Cimarron, Chiappa makes a beautiful rifle. This 20” 1892 carbine is a close representative to the original (no safeties). This model AS632 has CCH finish, ladder rear sight,  walnut furniture, saddle ring, and only used in 4 WB matches with 44 Mag cowboy loads. It feeds 44SPL too. I’m including StevesGunz Nate Kiowa Jones’ dvd and 44 metal follower. I performed what I judge to be a 50% action job per this DVD (I didn’t take all steps full course). It’s better than out of the box new. Includes original box and papers. $1200 plus shipping. IMG_8419.thumb.jpeg.6dd2f8533d0263fc617917aab55c5be1.jpegIMG_8420.thumb.jpeg.8f3b40aa5a537b4790b874932b901b05.jpegIMG_8421.thumb.jpeg.4671362cbfb6ba5b6645c2adb5bb9c5b.jpegIMG_8422.thumb.jpeg.b5f43d9f899604ceadf96abd4821f57e.jpegIMG_8423.thumb.jpeg.7dd0495e77a6c3e86cc9701143496cfa.jpegIMG_8424.thumb.jpeg.ce17fe892f2532d6fabfff12dda39ab3.jpegIMG_8425.thumb.jpeg.0b92eca80bec06850849329f0a93b9b2.jpegIMG_8426.thumb.jpeg.3e3712e4b97f8401edc2021d4754e953.jpegIMG_8427.thumb.jpeg.92acd8168a2989e55737eb8d3a53b790.jpegIMG_8428.thumb.jpeg.b6a8b3e38726cd3ae0a0447ee8075c2d.jpegIMG_8429.thumb.jpeg.63888f565ae7c8f3f02e0a21611307d5.jpeg

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