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Staging a cocked Model 12

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This question came up at the Wild Bunch side match at The Bushwhack.

Ever since the Model 12 was approved for WBAS the rules have dealt with the requirement that shooter load and stage the shotgun the (internal) hammer down.  At one time we had to “demonstrate” it to the TO; that requirement went away but staging the M12 with a cocked hammer remained a SDQ.

Now the rules for CAS and WBAS eliminate the penalty for moving from the LT to the stage, and staging the long guns with action closed, hammer cocked, unless there is a live round in the chamber.

Assume the shooter stages a Model 12 with hammer cocked, action closed.  The TO cannot, of course, see the condition of the hammer.  After the beep the cocked hammer becomes apparent when the shooter is unable to cycle the shotgun.

Still a SDQ for failing to follow loading procedures or a “no call” unless a live round was in the chamber?

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If you stage the shotgun with the hammer cocked, you cannot rack it without pulling the trigger.

During the course of fire, the shooter moves to the staged shotgun and tries to rack it, and it will not rack, the shooter should be told to pull the trigger. If the trigger goes click, and then able to rack, it's still a SDQ for not following loading/unloading table procedures.

That never changed.

The only thing changed is you, no longer, have to pull the trigger before staging the shotgun.

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