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Discarding long guns

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I believe this is another editing issue in the Handbook.

Pre-2024 the shooter was required to cycle the rifle or shotgun before discarding it.  If that was done, there was no penalty for an empty case/hull in the gun, nor for a live round in the gun unless it was in the chamber.

The 2024 rule changes conform the requirement to that in CAS:  the shooter must CLEAR the long gun, and Minor Safety penalties apply to empties or live rounds left in the gun (a live round in the chamber still being a SDQ).

If my interpretation is correct, shouldn’t the references to the long gun being cycled (for example in the glossary) be eliminated?

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In February, I asked this question of Misty and was told the penalty is for leaving an empty or loaded round "in the chamber", and would be clarified in the next update. Thinking this clarification might have gotten lost during the past few, hectic, months.

It was changed to ensure the side by side shooters would have to open and, attempt, to clear their shotgun.

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