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BAM clips?

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Okay, I'm really ignorant of BAMM rifles and the like.  I found an ammo can with 11 clips of 30-06 brass.  A few of the shells I pried out had a couple numbers and a couple letters on the headstamp, but one was Rem-UMC 30-06.  Is this stuff useful or worth anything?  If so, even if I need to give it away, I was going to take it to the swap meet before Comancheria Days soon.  Thanks.


m1 clips-small.jpg

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Good chance that those Garand clips are still usable - might be real US surplus from Korea.   Inside the circle are ID letters - if you can read them it will help with valuation.  Maybe $1-2 a piece.  Can be cleaned up some in a brass tumbler.  But no BAMM rifle uses those clips.   Need 5 round straight charging clips for Springfield 1903 or 03As or Mausers.

The brass looks well aged - meaning not worth much; maybe 10 cents unless you have a real rare military case.  The one headstamp is roughly 1960s commercial Remington case.  The headstamps with 2 digits are US military surplus.  Add 1900 to the digits and you have the manufacture date of the brass.

good luck, GJ

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