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WST and Sparks

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Shot WB/SA last Sunday and the day was very o'cast and we were under half cover. A mate of mine was using WST 4.0gr under 230gr pill.

I didn't watch every shot he fired, but quite a few times when I was watching him I saw some sparks flying out maybe 2' feet, just enough to notice that here were a couple of sparks.

Was that just because it was o'cast? I don't remember seeing sparks before (except for some very underloaded 12g rounds). 

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Most likely a few grains of powder that did not burn in barrel.   4.0 grains with a 230 is pretty light, and WST is a medium speed pistol powder, so I would expect he was not getting 100% burn in the barrel.  Just much easier to see in dim light.   Usually the load is 4.2 grains with a 230 for WB.

If you really want to check, throw an old sheet on the ground, stand or kneel at the edge of that, shoot over the sheet.   Unburned grains may collect on the sheet.

good luck, GJ



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