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Watching for 2024 Handbook

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5 hours ago, Abe E.S. Corpus said:

With the changes announced by SASS being effective January 1, 2024 I expected to see a new Handbook by now.

It would be nice if the WBAS Handbook would incorporate the changes to the CAS rules that are still out for TG voting.

The handbooks, usually, come out after Jan 1.

I don't know why the WBAS handbook would incorporate the changes to the CAS rules. Different sport, different rules.

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I realize that.

One of the changes up to CAS TG voting is to treat the shotgun the same as the rifle in regard to movement from the LT to staging.  That’s a change that I understand was already being considered for WBAS.  It makes sense because we load the shotgun similarly to the rifle.

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53 minutes ago, Doc Holloman said:

Anyone know the answer to this:  Will the new rules list Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy as regular Wild Bunch categories?  Misty's announcement appears to say that, but a posting about EOT could be read to mean that has been changed.

Which  came out latest, the EOT posting or the new Handbook? If the Handbook is the newest, it takes precedence over the EOT posting. I believe.


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