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Les Baer and Customer service...

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I had the misfortune of breaking my Les Baer Premiere, two weeks ago, on the eve of the Nevada State Wild Bunch Championships.
A quick phone call to Les Baer netted a brief but very enjoyable conversation with Les Baer, himself, (seriously?  he's got nothing better to do than answer questions from some yahoo out in California?) and  I overnighted the pistol back to them, in Iowa.  It was returned to me at no cost, in as new condition, in three days.
I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am, with both the 1911, and that level of customer service. 
Nevada State WB was a challenging match, and my freshly repaired Les Baer performed brilliantly.

I can't imagine another manufacturer doing that, in that time window.  Look; I get that computers crash, BMWs break down, and even space shuttles blow up.  It's what happens after that that matters.

Very pleased,

Frederick Jackson Turner




LB NV.jpg

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